Silent vacuum!

The Pet Vacuum™ efficiently vacuums the loose hair of your pets. Vacuum your pet's fur carefully preventing the hair to end up on the sofa, on the floor or on your children's clothes after playing with your pet. Pet Vacuum™ vacuums all the loose hair of your pet without frightening it with loud noises or air currents!

vacuum for animal fur

The ultimate solution to keep your home clean from the hair of your pets is here!

hoover my pet's hair

The hair of your pet falls around the place filling your home with mites, which makes some relatives and guests experience allergic symptoms when they get in contact with these mites.

With Pet Vacuum™ you won't have that problem anymore! Vacuum your pet's fur on a daily basis and prevent hair from falling on the floor filling your home with mites. Your allergic relatives and friends will thank you!

Besides, for the warm season, removing fallen hair will be refreshing for your dog or cat, especially if they have long hair!

Think about how annoying it is to clean the floor, your clothes or the sofas, and remove all the fallen hair. Pet Vacuum™ will root out the problem preventing hair to make your home dirty.

Besides, Pet Vacuum™ is very easy to clean. It has a tank to store all the hairs and it can be emptied directly into the bin.

Forget about those uncomfortable brushes that stretch the skin of your dog or cat.

remove pet mites
  • Silent and cordless vacuum
  • Quick, easy and painless
  • Collects all the hair efficiently
  • Requieres 3 AA batteries (not included)